I had a severe pain on my tooth and my face was swollen. Had to visit Dr Keval for my pain. he advised me to get the root canal done to relieve the pain and the relief of swelling. it was very comfortable and the very next day my swelling was gone and I was painless. I must say Dr Keval Patel is the best dentist in Chandkheda.

Jayanti Prajapati

I have visited j k dental hospital for tooth pain last week. i had a severe pain and coudnt chew or speak then. I have got my consultation done from Dr Keval and he advised me to get root canal treatment done. The treatment was quick and painless and my pain was gone on the same day. after that day i didnt feel pain in that tooth. Dr Keval is really the best dentist in chandkheda.
After root canal i also got clear aligners from j k dental hospital which was my long time dream. now my teeth are getting better with ongoing treatment.
must visit clinic .
best clinic in chandkheda

Jayesh Hirpara
Sr Executive

Hi. I am Sairam. I had a problem in my TMJ. Because of that I couldn’t open my mouth wide. I had a clicking sound and lot of pain in both side in the ear part. I consulted my ENT doctor, he said everything is ok but I shall get a consultation from Dentist. I visited Few dentists but they put me on long term pain killers because of that I had burning in my stomach. Later on of my friends gave a reference of J K DENTAL HOSPITAL ORTHODONTIC & IMPLANT CENTER for my query. Both doctors are very educated and they immediately made me understood what the problem was. I couldn’t believe it was my teeth what caused this problem. They advised me the routine TMJ therapy at clinic and assured me to be pain free in 10 days of time. Those 1o days totally change my life. I’m pain free since and now I’m living perfectly healthy life. Thnx for valuable work done doctors. I surely will give your reference to all my friends and family

Sairam Joshi

I had excruciating pain in my few teeth because of what I couldn’t eat sweet/cold food. My favourite items like candy, ice cream and cola I didn’t consume for at least 3 Years. By visiting j k dental hospital I really wanted my pain to go. Dr Keval Patel Dr Jinal Patel both did wonderful job in my mouth. My pain was gone after 3 sittings. I’m complete pain free and now I can have my favourite food anytime. Those who are afraid/ postponing their visit due to fear, please don’t do this. Visit J K DENTAL HOSPITAL ORTHODONTIC & IMPLANT CENTER immediately. They will take care of your problems.

Preeti Patel

Initially had delayed my visit to any dentist for 2-3 years for the fear of excruciating pain, during my childhood visits to dentists. My recent root canal treatment by Dr. Keval Patel changed my perception altogether. His constant guidance and commentary while working, on what he is doing, surely helped a lot, supported by background songs on radio!!! Dr. Keval Patel is a thorough professional and at the same time very gentle & caring

Nitin Sah

Best dentist in Ahmedabad. I was looking orthodontist in Ahmedabad and I came across Dr Keval Patel & Dr Jinal Patel to get my teeth corrected. I was so happy with the treatment , I can’t stop laughing and showoffing my smile. Thank you

Keyur Desai

Visited J K Dental for bleeding gums. I had such problem since 5 years but was afraid to visit dentist. Dr Keval explained how delaying the visits worsen my gums health. But he assured me by performing small procedure my gums will be healthy. Visited him multiple times. He cleaned my gums and also put some kind of grafting material also to regenerate bone in particular areas. Visited him today after 6 months. He said my bone is healthy and gums don’t bleed now. Excellent clinic, nice furniture , neat and clean, lift approach, parking facility , located on main highway.

Sagar Prajapati 40/M

I was on project tour in Gujarat for 10 days and I injured my front tooth while opening pepsi bottle with my teeth. One tooth got loose, but unfortunately it was 11 in the night. I was not famiier with the locality I was staying in. But my friend searched nearby Dentsit and just gave a call. Fortunately Dr Keval picked up the call and told me to visit the clinic. J K Dental Hospital is on the main highway and very easy to approach. Very nice parking space  and lift approach .Sir had already came when I entered the clinic. Sir , checked up and said not to worry. One of my tooth got dislocated from the original position.  Sir suggested to get the splinting done for 30 days after repositioning the tooth into correct position. I said ok sir . proceed but please give me anesthesia before proceeding. He laughed and said you don’t worry . he performed whole procedure and fixed the tooth in correct position and splinted it . after 45 mins he said ok rajesh have a look .! I was surprised to know he performed whole procedure without  giving me anesthesia. I explained him I am from Andhra Pradesh and was here on project tour. He said to contact my family dentist after 30-45 days and get the splint removed.

His immediate response not just saved my tooth but he got a lifetime companion.

Guys do visit J K DENTAL HOSPITAL for smallest query.

Saw  this type of Dental Clinic for the first time. Huge and spacious. Royal interior , neat and clean with large carpet area.

M.Rajesh 29/M

Started braces treatment in J K DENTAL HOSPITAL as my friend is also getting treated by Dr Keval .

Happy to say till so far in 7 months, I have achieved best smile. Doctor says I still have to wait for few more months. Both the doctors are great and friendly. I feel  spreading beautiful smile is the noblest cause ur doing sir.

***** to Dr Keval , clinic ‘s ambience , cleanliness, interior.

Dhruval Patel 16/M

Got kicked by my father to get my teeth cleaned(being the tobacco chewer my  teeth were stained).

Immediately googled for dental clinic around me. Simply went to the clinic with best ratings. Went there and told doctor to remove my stains immediately. He said to do it in 2 sittings as it would be comfortable for me.  I said forget comfort sir, lets do it in single sitting. Doctor laughed at me but started the treatment. After doing hard works for 90 mins he simply shown me mirror. I casually looked into mirror and I got surprised to see pearl white teeth . not even a single stain was left. I literally did a handshake with the doctor and said ok sir, im happy. Doctor said wait, im not. He made me sit for another  10 mins and did polishing. I thanked him and walked into my home proudly in front of my dad.

Party is on me doc.! 5/5 Ratings.

Bhavesh Rabari 25/M

I have been knowing Dr Keval since 7 years but got chance to visit him few days back due to my pain.

Had a pain in lower teeth as I broke my tooth while playing cricket. Dr Keval checked and said I need a filling. Already having a silver filling in my back tooth I got worried about the esthetics. He said not to worry. And started to reconstruct the tooth. When I saw final result I was so happy to see my tooth. Even I was not also able to differentiate  between the teeth. But again next question popped in mind was the strength of the filling . He said not to worry and continue my routine lifestyle. And I admit it is the best treatment I got . Later we replaced old silver filling into composite filling. Now im happy to say all my fillings are esthetic . No one can tell that I had a dental treatment in past.

Keep doing best things  Dr Keval .

Samir Koladiya 23/M

Had pain in lower teeth. Got the root canal done and got the cap also.

No complaints . excellent practice. Excellent clinic setup.

Would recommend Dr Keval to everyone .

Must visit.

Promlia Yadav 45/F

Had pain in upper tooth. Visited J K DENTAL HOSPITAL by the reference if my neighbor. Although doctor said tooth was destructed and cant be saved, Dr Jinal tried her best saving  the tooth , but unfortunately we had to remove the tooth. Got Dental Implant in the replacement of that tooth. Dr Jinal’s nature is too good. Half of my anxiety went away just by talking with her. Got the best results with Dental Implants. My son also got his teeth cleaned.

Best experience.! Best Wishes

Meenaben Patel 43/F

Got the bleaching done by Dr Jinal Patel. Excellent results , no sensitivity .

Must visit


J K Dental Hopsital comes on the way to my office, but never thought of going inside and getting treatment in 2 years. One day got free early and on my way to home I decided to stop by and visit the clinic. I must say the interior was lavish and the clinic was spacious. I have seen such dental clinic for the first time. Earlier I have visited dentist for many reasons, but by entering  j k dental hospital, my views towards dentist got changed, additionally Dr Jinal Patel ; her gentle voice and treatment made my bad breath go away. She did scaling (teeth cleaning) and all my bad breath is stopped now. Now I visit Dr Jinal twice a year for maintenance of good oral health. My wife is also regular visitor with me to j k dental  hospital.

Shreyas Shah 34/M

Had broken tooth in the front side. Doctor repaired it with cement  and now I am fine. Even my friends can’t identify the broken tooth.

Vikas Kumar 32/M

Visited  J K Dental hospital for opinion regarding snoring at night. I was always a loud snorer and I was sent to doctor forcefully by my wife. Doctor made  me  customized anti snoring device. Now I have been successfully wearing it for  4 months and now with that device , I don’t snore anymore. My wife is happier than me.

Abhay Agnihotri 28/M

Being a student I was not able to concentrate on my studies due to my tooth ache. My father took me to this dental clinic. Doctor checked and said I need braces. I was not sure to get the braces, because I had heard that braces are painful. Dr Keval explained very gently that mild discomfort will be associated with braces and within 5 days it will go off. Anyway I got convinced and we started braces therapy and after 5 days today I am absolutely fine . I don’t feel pain anymore. I would definitely recommend braces and Dr Keval  to everyone.

Sorabh Sharma 17/M

I got the reference of this clinic  from one of  my friends as I was having mild continuous pain in front of the ear part. Earlier I have consulted many ENT surgeons but I didn’t get benefit of the treatments. So , I decided to go to dentist without any hope. Doctor suggested me to get one x-ray of my lower wisdom tooth. I said “ok, lets try this also”.! He examined the tooth and suggested to get the root canal of the tooth. I was afraid to hear root canal because  my wife had undergone root canal in past and she suffered a lot. I denied to undergo root canal . but doctor suggested me it’s the best chancewe can take to sve the tooth, otherwise we have to remove the tooth(which I didn’t want). So we started with the root canal in wisdom tooth and from the first day onwards I started feeling lesser pain than earlier. On the forth sitting he finished root canal and gave crown in the next sitting. I would say “it was least painful  and now after treatment I am feeling like never before.” I can eat from the same side also which I coudnt do earlier.

Must visit.

V K Gupta 45/M

Visited Dr Keval for sensitivity in my teeth.  Was not able to drink norml water also ; but he explained whole procedure and mechanism to me and all my myths proved to be wrong. He did cleaning of  teeth for 45 mins in 2 sessions and after 7 days now I can eat ice cream also. Dr Keval’s expertise helped me eating ice cream again. Thanks to him . Would definitely recommend family and friends to j k dental hospital.

Cheers Doc.!


There are so many dentist around the corners from our area but still me and my husband choose to drive 10 KM for a very simple reason. "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" that's JK Dental Hospital signature...

Neha Bhatt

Dr. Keval Patel is amazing very professional. This dentist is awesome so gentle and caring, made me feel incredibly comfortable, I definitely recommend.

Rushin Parmar

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