Dental Consultation

Dental Consultation

Dental consultation is a  patient’s non invasive visit to the doctor.This visit will create the special bond between patient and doctor. A person shall open up regarding his/her problems and symptoms to the doctor. If you are planning to undergo major dental procedure , than expert consultation is must for you.

Here are few things to keep in mind while consulting ther doctor.

Understanding the Procedure

Some dental procedures are quite simple but most of the treatments needs skillful eveluation. Before jumping on the dental chair for the desired treamtnet , you shall know the outcome and possible complications. While having consultation it is the perfect time to ask all queries and get a thorough  explanation of the each stpes in the treamtment. In most of the cases you can ask your dentist to show visiual aids to understand the procedure so you can have better idea. Visual aids are great tools for making complex treatment very simple and to releave the stress or fobia of the dental procedure. Suppose you are planning to undergo braces, it is quite simple to be in dilema regarding which type of braces to choose. There are plenty of options like metal braces, ceramic braces, self ligating braces, ceramic self ligating braces, lingual braces or clear aligners. But after having quality consultation, you can easily decide which option is more suitable to u . If you are commiting mistake by choosing wrong treatment , Orthodontist may correct you by his valueable suggestion.

Verifying Your Eligibility

Dental treamtnets have diversities. Each person has a unique pattern of dentition. No person can share the same dentition and same list of problems with other person. So the treatment will be different for two persons of different ages though the problems are common. Discuss all health problems and medications with your dentist at the consultation.

For exmaples, If you’re alergic to adrenaline for example, dentist need to take patch test for your sensitivity to prevent hyper allergic reaction. If you are diabetic and your sugar level is uncontrolled, that will affect your healing process. The normal wound which gets healed in one month of time in normal patient , that can take more than six months if your blood sugar is not controlled. Pregnancy will  also affect your  dental health. So you can know for the tretment you are seeking , are you actually compatible for the same treatment or you are throwing your self in dark space.

Exploring the options

The main benefit of a dental consultation is exploring the options for your treatment plan. In certain situation in your dental health, two person can share different views on treatment. But your should be able to judge which option is simple and best suitable. Suppose you are having a missing tooth , the treatment options could be

1.    Dental Implant.

2.    Three unit zirconia bridge.

3.    Three unit ceramic bridge.

4.    Three unit metal bridge.

5.    Removable partial denture.

6.    Or not to do anything.

A person who is not familier with dental implants will suggest you to go for 3 unit bridge for which you have to undergo reduction of two adjacent teeth. This option is perfectly normal but, you have to bear the meaningless reduction of the tooth structure of adjacent teeth.

Dental implant is the best solution for this type of condition as you  will save the reduction of two adjacent teeth and will get the excellent support from bone directly by the implants.

Both treamtnets are standard treatment protocol to replace missing teeth. But if you are looking for quality and ideal treatment , dental implant is just for you. But if the  cost factor is bothering you (dental implants cost more than 3 unit bridge) than 3 unit bridge is right choice for you.

So you can choose the perfect treatment that may be pocket friendly or ideal just for you by dental consultation.

Exploring  the payment options :

Dentist may tell you to pay after some minor procedures which is quite simple or he may tell you to pay in advance for invasive procedures like trauma . So by healthy conversation with dentist,  u can come to know the schedule of payment.

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